Train Harder.
Recover Faster.

Harnessing the power of nucleotides and a healthy microbiome to give you 21st-century recovery nutrition, nuBound® is resetting the playing field for athletes — with the biggest nutrition advance since Gatorade® in the 60s and Muscle Milk© in the 90s. The exclusive blend of nucleotides and prebiotics in nuBound enhance your microbiome and provide benefits above and beyond any existing recovery product.

When you’re training to build muscle, recovery is just as important as the time you spend working out. The stimulus of training primes your body to adapt. This adaptation — the strengthening of your muscles — occurs during recovery. Without resting after strenuous exercise, you can suffer painful muscle injuries and weakness. That recovery time can also be one of the greatest limitations to quickly gain muscle and improve your performance.

The nucleotides in the patented formula in nuBound® Sports Recovery Supplement have been proven in multiple peer-reviewed studies to:

  • Minimize stress response from cortisol and inflammation
  • Reduce tissue damage and shave days off recovery time
  • Improve strength capacity following heavy exercise

From trainers and coaches to elite athletes and weekend warriors, nuBound can give you the edge to trainer harder through faster recovery.*

See the double-blind study that proves the results.

The Science Behind Better Recovery

Strenuous exercise temporarily reduces immune function within the body. At the same time, Because the immune system is the signaling and control mechanism that modulates the recovery process, immune function also plays an essential role in post-workout recovery. nuBound is the only supplement that combines nucleotides and prebiotics to enhance the gut microbiome and increase immune function, leading to lower stress response and faster recovery times.

“My recovery time is cut in half with nuBound.”

— Ryan Shinn, NY Mets minor league player

NSF Certified Sport

nuBound Is Certified for Sport® by NSF International

With the NSF International certification, you can trust that nuBound has been tested for quality, purity and safety.

All Certified for Sport® products are guaranteed to be drug-free, free of banned substances, tested to ensure accurate label claims, tested to ensure safety and produced in a GMP registered facility. Professional trainers, coaches and dieticians recognize that Certified For Sport® products can be used safely by their athletes, and many professional sports organizations, like the NFL, MLB and NHL, can only provide and recommend supplements, like nuBound, that are.