Can Too Much Rest Be Dangerous? Yes, Says a New Study

Sitting down for long periods of time and a lack of physical exercise can disrupt our metabolism and challenge our health, as explained here by the physiologist Audrey Bergouignan.

But there is some good news: it is possible to alleviate some of these harmful effects.

Scientific studies funded by space agencies can have unexpected repercussions on the daily lives of simple earth-dwellers. That is the case of studies performed on the effects of physical inactivity and sedentariness, which have thrown new light on the condition of men and women who are (too often) sitting down.

Spending hours every day without moving, in front of a computer or television, does not just cause back pain, far from it. Sedentariness literally disrupts our metabolism, observes Audrey Bergouignan, a physiologist at the IPHC.

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