About nuBound

Hi. I’m Mark Connell, the Founder and CEO of Nu Science Labs and I'd like to welcome you to the nuBound® web site.  Nu Science Labs, Inc. is a privately-owned company based outside of Boston, MA.

Under my guidance Nu Science Labs developed, produces, and sells nuBound®, an innovative sports recovery product based on nucleotides, the building blocks of DNA and RNA.

Recently published studies (conducted on a double blind basis) have shown that nuBound® raised the post-exercise levels of immunoglobulin (an indicator of strengthened immune system response) and lowered the post-exercise levels of cortisol (which, since cortisol stimulates the breakdown of muscle protein, means less opportunity for tissue damage and a more rapid recovery).

Nu Science Labs is proud to introduce nuBound®, the first nutritional supplement to provide nucleotides and their benefits to athletes.