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What nuBounders Say

What's your nuBound story? 


Thanks so much! ... I love your product--swear by it!

- Jennifer B.  (Indianapolis, IN)


nuBound is definitely the best purchase I've made since I started running. I will continue to use it as long as I can. Good luck on your future races and always go one more mile.

- Joey P.   (Little Rock, AR)


I’m training for a half marathon in October. I’ve taken nuBound before when I ran a marathon and I love it!

I’ve had IT band issues, and a couple of ACL surgeries since that marathon, so I’m taking it easy. I’m hoping once the half is over, I’ll be able to train for another marathon. Thank you again for the follow up. I truly love this product and I tell everyone around me about it and the results it’s given me.

- Ashley M. (Manchester, NH)


I've been using this product for almost two years now (maybe longer)… I've never missed a workout due to injury and just finished a year and a half training for the Leadville 100 in three weeks. This includes several 50Ks and three 50 milers, two of which were tough mountain courses, in the last 6 months. I think I'll stay on it. I also supplement with glucosomine and iron.. but that is it. Thanks for always getting this to me!

- David S.  (Oklahoma City, OK)


Great stuff.. Greatly helps my recovery. Getting ready for Coupe des Ameriques and Tour of Catskills and GMSR. Thanks for your product.

- Greg C.  (Shrewsbury NJ)


The PR that I ran in the Vancouver Lake wasn't the only PR that I got this year. Cranked out a 3:21 marathon in Eugene a couple of weeks ago, dropping 21 minutes from my marathon time. And nuBound is part of my regular regimen, so it has to get a bit of credit for that. ;-)

- Terry S.  (Portland OR)


My PR for the half marathon is 1:44 which was this March. I have only been running for about 16 months. I'm getting ready to run my first full marathon on May 6 which is Cincinnati's Flying Pig. My goal is to complete it in 3:43. Your product has helped with my training recovery.

 -  David A.  (Erlanger KY)


I just wanted to thank you for adding a personal touch to my recent order. I have to tell you, I am convinced nuBound has already made a huge difference in not only how I feel during and after a run, but all day long! I finally have my energy back to really put great effort into the final weeks of my half marathon training! More importantly, I feel ready to train for my second marathon. I have stuck with the half distance for my last 14 races but it's time to step it up!

- Jennifer C.  (Chicago IL)


Great Product!

- Osbourne S. (Brooklyn NY)


I would like to give to an update or progress since the time I've been using nuBound and incorporating it to my daily supplement. The product definitely improve my performance not just in running and weight lifting but also it gives me a boost of energy the day after which normally is the opposite as I experience fatigue and muscle pain. But since using the product I notice quick recovery and gives me constant energy through out the day since I don't feel any pain.

One more thing, I notice that not only I quickly recover but development of my muscle is quite fast maybe because I can consistently workout and do my daily activity.

My immune system is also getting better since I don't easily get sick especially this time of the month with all the Christmas celebration and staying late till morning.

- Eric G.  (Manila, PHILIPPINES)


nuBound seems to keep me moving, despite a stomach flu and temps new 80 degrees I was able to win the Master's division in a marathon (along with a nice check) a couple weeks ago and am actually considering another marathon (only if the conditions are better than 80 degrees!!) in less than 2 weeks...4 weeks between marathon is quite foolish, I am sure, so maybe I'll have to double up on my nuBound intake between now and then.

Hope all is well and keep up the good work!

- Kevin S.  (St. Augustine Beach, FL)


I do a lot of running/training for 42 k Marathons as well as kickboxing, and the gym, and found it really hard to recover and perform better.. so I’ve been trying a lot of recovery supplements over the last 3 years and was not having much luck. I knew it had to do with my body not recovering, I just don’t feel recovered day to day. So thought I'd Google different supplements outside of Australia, do a bit more research then I had before, researched key words for recovery and supplements, and then went through the comments on forums and reviews of many supplements. I spent a few weeks on that and I’ve tried a few, but nuBound pretty much made me feel pretty recovered, recovered enough to do 10 ks each day, plus kickboxing.

It works, it definitely does what I'm after, and what those who have used it have said about it online, and that's to be recovered for the following day to do it again! and feel strong.. not weak as i was feeling. I still use the GU sachets and Maltodextrin, Glutamine and all those other supplements plus the right diet, but it wasn’t enough. This is why I’ll definitely be ordering 12 months worth next time. It's not easy finding something that works. It only took me 2 years to run into nuBound from desperation of finding nothing was really doing the trick.

- Lance G. (Perth, AUSTRALIA)


Thank you! and thank you for nuBound. I recovered from rotator cuff surgery much faster and with more comfort, thanks to you all.

- Karen B.  (Shrewsbury NJ)


My son was actually using a different recovery product that helped him recover from strenuous paintball competitions. When I went online to find what he was using, I found nuBound. I was looking for a recovery product that we could both use.

I am a runner. For the past few years (getting older?) my runs got slower and slower to the point where I was walking. My whole body started aching. That really bothered me because I had always seen myself as physically fit.

On January 1st I resolved to get back in shape . It started with raw foods, coconut water and Chia seeds. I also purchased a pair of Virbram 5 finger shoes.  With those changes, I noticed quite an improvement in my energy and fitness. I set a goal to increase my running distance which began at no more than 5 miles.

When I added nuBound to the things I had already been doing to improve physically, I was able to increase my running distance up to 8 miles then 10. It is probably nuBound that helps me retain my energy throughout the day even after running 8-10 miles.

- Karen W.  (Redlands CA)


I discovered nuBound back in 2009 and I think it's a fabulous product. nuBound has helped me recover as I train for races, and the older I get (I'm 50) the more I rely on it. I've recommended nuBound to my friends, many of whom are also runners.

- Carlos H.  (Vienna VA)


Hi guys, love your product. I feel that it is making a difference with my training. I started taking nuBound early in May. After two weeks I had a noticeable difference in my recovery and thus ability to work harder in my next workout. The last week my training runs have been at least 30 seconds per mile faster with the same perceived effort than previous workouts.   I am 55 years old and have revived my running career in 2010.

- Glenn W.  (Lansdale PA)


I felt great after the marathon (ran about 4 miles the day after!) and I was around sick family members and I didn't get sick. I contribute both marathon recovery and not getting sick to taking nuBound. I'm hitting the trails now for a break from road races. I'm running a Western States (about 32 mile) training run over Memorial weekend. Usually starts in the snow and ends in heat.....probably the most difficult course I've ran and it's not even a race!

- Deanna B.  (Fair Oaks CA)

Thank you. I love the news letter. Dr. Robert Pastore has been prescribing nuBound for me as a recovery from two different surgeries, first on my back and recently on a rotator cuff (which stubbornly doesn’t want to heal properly). I trust Dr. Pastore and I trust nuBound. Thank you for your product.

- Karen K.  (New York, NY)


Thanks for the support you've given [our running club] over the last couple years. Deanna ran NYC marathon--not sure if you got a chance to see her. She recently ran a 50k with a broken tailbone--and placed 1st in her age group (using nuBound of course). I've found the recovery effects of nuBound are subtle - but real--I've also noticed that I'm healthier when I take it regularly - almost never get a cold.

- Rich W.  (Lincoln CA)


nuBound is amazing.  Right now I'm taking 12 a day because of a tight hamstring.

- Michael M.  (Washington DC)

I've been using nuBound since 2007 for recovery and have lowered my race times, from 5K to half marathon, every year since then.  Considering I was 50 in 2006, that says something for sure!  I make sure to never run out!
- Steve B.  (Nevada City CA)


My training is coming along a little nicer now, I've been struggling with injuries after the Ironman season last year but I've got the Boston Marathon coming up on April 19 and then Ironman triathlons after that. Hopefully make it back again to the Hawaii Ironman this year as well. But nuBound has been working well for me the past year, it's a great supplement. Thanks again!

- Andy G.  (The Woodlands TX)


I've seen a great improvement in my training especially on my 18 mile training days. My family had are all sick with colds. I took a little extra nuBound and I didn't get sick at all, so the stuff works!

- Lionel S.  (Gilbert AZ)


I am a big preacher of your product, it just takes some longer than others to get on board. Great product!!!!!

- Maria J.  (Bedford NY)


Thanks a lot, great product and one I firmly believe in and often turn people onto.

- Andy B.  (Indian Trail NC)


Thank-you for the props [on qualifying for Boston]! I have mild soreness, but overall not bad at all. nuBound deserves some love for the lack of pain after an overall hard run. I tell my friends about this stuff all the time but skeptics abound. Also as people fall to colds I continue to run on with nuBound in hand.

- Mark B.  (Aptos CA)


Does just what you said!

- John G.  (Yonkers NY)


I'd had a groin problem for five years. It's been much better since I've been taking nuBound. That's why this is my third order of four bottles.

- George W. (New Ulm MN)


This product does work. I have not taken it the last couple of weeks and I can feel the difference. Thank you for this great product.

- Erica F.  (Overland Park KS)